Scientific Background and Motivations:

My scientific background is characterised by a sound education and experience at the interface of Biology, Mathematics, Informatics, Chemistry and Biomedicine (See My CV section for more details).

My research activity is mainly oriented towards Integrative and Molecular Systems Biology and is motivated by comprehensive testing of biological and medical hypothesis at different scales by transversal integration of high-throughput data (genome, transcriptome, proteome, interactome, metabolome, diseasome, population ...).

To investigate these questions, the methodology I develop rely on the efficiency of comparative and network-based approach in the light of evolutionary forces (neutrality, selection, mutation ...) that have shaped living system complexity and diversity.

One important mission is to bring "in silico" predictions to "in vitro" or "in vivo" validations:
  • by providing to the scientist community bioinformatics tools databases and WEB services,
  • by developing a "hand in hand" national and international collaborations with experimental biologists or chemists.
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Activities:
  • Biological Knowledge Modelling and Implementation in the "-omics" area:
    • comparative genomics,
    • population genomics,
    • transcriptomics,
    • interactomics,
    • metabolomics,
    • structuromics,
    • cellular network.
  • Algorithmic and Statistical development for wide "-omic" hypothesis testing;
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) and WEB services development for providing "in silico" predictions to the world wide scientist community.
What's New ?

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